Life at its best is a life lit up.  I believe when we are living with our light lit - we are creatively unstoppable, unapologetically our authentic self, and in communion with something magical. And yet... sometime, the school of hard-knocks strike and darkness sets. And just like that - the light in us and around us - goes out. I'm here to help you turn back on. 

And my favorite way to do just that? Gather women together in circle. I hope you join us. xoxo.


Moon Circles

Join this ancient practice of creating a sanctuary of sisters honoring the rythyms of nature under the Moon. Drop into your body, hear your voice, re-kindle your light, and call in your heart’s desires. Connect with your feminine wisdom and the natural world using movement, relaxation, reflection and ritual.

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Sacred Grief Circles

Sacred space for women who have grieved infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy release, still-birth or infant loss - biological, adoption or through foster-care. This isn't a support group and this isn't therapy. Just women coming together to be held and heard who all have something in common - the experience of a broken heart. .

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass