The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression.
— Brain Sutton Smith

Through play you build resilience and adaptability. You explore your creativity and stumble upon groundbreaking innovation. You enter a connection with others beyond words, discover your voice and gain the confidence to use it. In short, play is critical to living and operating at your best. And yet, as an adult, play is too often tossed aside. As if the benefits it provides are no longer useful. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

Okay. Sure... but how do you TEACH PLAY??? I believe at it’s core, play isn’t an action - it’s a mental attitude. And like mindfulness, can become a life approach practiced and cultivated - by anyone. 

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Saturday Afternoon
1:00pm – 4:30pm
May 19th, 2018

Location: Dayaalu Center, Bainbridge Island
Cost:  $40

Description:  The YES AND Method is a 4-step system using the improviser’s #1 tool for comedy and story progression to unblock personal, creative, and relationship challenges.

Like learning to take yoga off the mat, the YES AND Method teaches you how to take principles of play beyond childhood and practices of improvisation out of the theater - leading to less stress, and more inner freedom.

Designed for the non-actor, this workshop is comprised of exercises inspired by the visual arts, mindfulness, play theory, and the theatrical arts for an afternoon of fun, connection with others, and new insights. Come dressed ready to move and get messy. Leave with a new powerhouse of a tool for your personal “tool box”. 

Registration is through Dayaalu Center. Please scroll for "Intro to the YES AND Method with Laurel Marlantes".




Monday Evenings
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Nov 6th – Dec 11th, 2017
6 week sessions – 90 min length

Location: Prue's House, Bainbridge Island
Cost:  $120

Description:  Join me for a 6-week course through Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District . In this course, we will use exercises inspired by improvisation, mindfulness, and the arts to discover how to approach life from a mindset of play, as well as how to bring more play into your life now. We will explore what play is, why it’s important, and what stops playfulness. You will learn the 4 key principles of play and how to apply them to life, as well as the Yes… And Method: a 4-step system using improvisers #1 tool for comedy and story progression, to unblock personal, creative, and relationship challenges.

ACTIVITY # 570400-03
*This course is offered through Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District.

“Is it any wonder that often the times we feel most alive, those that make up our best memories, are moments of play?”
— Dr. Stuart Brown