If you're new to the term "sisterhood", don't do "woo-woo", and/or think anything to do with woman aligning with cycles of the moon sounds like crazy hippy period talk, I get it. You're not alone. Know though that I'm passionate about keeping things sweet, light, and playful. I don't like the feeling of spiritual heaviness, or formality. Think of this more like a book club alternative. And yes, like all good book clubs, there is wine. :).

However, with all that said, just ‘cause we aim to keep things light does not mean the gathering will be any less profound for it. I truly believe there is magic in the air on a new moon and even more magic in women coming together in sacred space - all we really need to do is show up. 

AND… when we do show up and combine those two things together, we invite something powerful to happen in our lives. We give ourselves the opportunity to claim our desires in the company of loving supported peers. This magnifies the energy behind bringing those intentions into fruition. Do that in alignment with the lunar cycle and you have an opportunity to turbocharge them. As the new moon builds energetic momentum from new to full-filled, so will what we desire to call into our lives.

If this sounds like your jam, or even just sparked your curiosity, I truly hope you join us. Ans who knows... maybe "woo-woo" will look good on you. ;) Enter your name and email below to join our Moon Circle and receive more details. I look forward to seeing you there.