The rhythm of the Moon lives within us. Syncing up with this rhythm activates a sort of magic to start happening in our lives. It's unexplainable, powerful, and deeply nourishing. We become more grounded, our intuition laser-sharp, our minds clear. We let go of what's weighing us down and let in our soul's calling.  

Tap into this magic in the sacred space of loving, supportive peers and you have an opportunity to turbocharge it.  In community, a profound comfort emerges, a sense of connection and oneness. This creates a landing pad for your soul to take wing, and your authentic self to emerge with confidence. 

The beauty of it?  All you need to do - is show up. :) It's that simple. Moon Magic takes it from there.

“It was so wonderful to be surrounded by women, by mothers, who are so open to giving and receiving love and trust and strength. Laurel did a wonderful job of not only pulling us together, but then providing us with a structure that allowed us to connect emotionally, visually and personally to our issues, our needs, our desires and our strengths. It was something my spirit was starving for, and I didn't even know it.“  

- Lisa; Mom, Culture Change Lead, & Reiki Master

 Moon Circle "Yurt Magic", photo courtesy of  Bainbridge Boheme

Moon Circle "Yurt Magic", photo courtesy of Bainbridge Boheme


She held the moon the way way she held her own heart, as if it was the only light that could guide her through the darkest nights.
— Chrissie Phinney